Seducible Lingerie

We all want to look our best, even when only one other person will be seeing us… When you wear some sexy lingerie for your man, the fabric will be floating on your skin as though on a cloud.

The softness of the fabric against his finger tips will make him want to get to your skin underneath, leading to even more sinful pleasures….

You will be a decadent gift to be unwrapped by your lover. Ribbons and lace and bows and satin. A feast for the eyes and searching his hands. So have a look at our lingerie and see what we have that just may make your man drool…

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Toys That Give Great Pleasure

Sometimes gals need a little “something extra” for their “private time”, shall we say. Adult toys can take your masturbation to a whole new level. Entice the moment and try a little something different. Mix things up. Fingers are great, water massagers in the shower are great, but toys are designed for pleasure.

Most ladies are truly “Seducible” if they let themselves go and relax. You may not be used to a different sensation an adult toy can produce, but just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic way to masturbate.

And adult toys are not just for solitary pleasure, they are used and enjoyed by most couples these days. Men use them on ladies, and ladies use them on men. You’d be surprised how many guys use dildos on themselves or enjoy a strap on from their lady. Most are too shy to ask.

Have a talk with your man and ask them if they have thought about incorporating some sex toys into your lovemaking. If you already have a few, ask them about trying some you haven’t thought to try before. You just might be surprised what they say!

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Best Variety of Adult Dvd's

Bow chick a wow wow… Porn isn’t what it was in the 70′s, we have come a long way. Adult movies are no longer only available in seedy, sticky movie houses. Many couples incorporate porn into their foreplay.

Most men use adult movies as part of their masturbation. Men are extremely visual creatures, and porn gets their cocks hard faster than just about anything.

If you want to get your guy’s engine reved up quick, pop in a porno and take full advantage of what that movie has done to him. Have a look at our selection of naughty movies and pick one out that you think will be an exciting appetizer for your evening of lust.

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